The Reason for the Season: The Ultimate Gift

This is a great time of the year where we celebrate in song, dance, fellowship, and worship for this opportunity that we have been given. The power of one that came on assignment to accomplish what no one else could,simply because he was born to this. This one that we refer to is known by many names. When we read the Holy Bible we find that he is called Jesus, Emmanuel which is God with us, The Bread of Life, The Prince of Peace, The True Vine, and The Son of God. This celebration that we are in is about the ultimate gift that has been given to us from God who is also The Father. God saw us and looked at what we were doing and decided to help us. That help came through the pathway of the one we celebrate on Christmas Day, Jesus. He is like a key that gives access to the ultimate gift of all, a redeemed life prepared for and ready for eternity. It is like a meeting and we get to be introduced to his Father. He gives us a relationship that cannot be broken. He gives us access to the Ultimate Giver. And no one can give more than God.